Wednesday, August 29, 2012

AC Repair Company San Antonio

It’s been an awfully hot summer, and we’re just getting into August now. You may be tempted to put off getting your air conditioner fixed if it is running poorly but still holding on, thinking it is saving you money to wait and you can just tough it out through the rest of the season.  

That is a big mistake though, especially when there is access to a great affordable AC repair company in San Antonio, because that poorly functioning air conditioner will not only fail to keep you comfortable, it will waste electricity trying, costing you extra on your power bill.  Also, the longer you postpone, the more likely it is that whatever is wrong will get worse or cause other problems to develop, making your repair more expensive in the long run. 

First Choice Heating and Air Conditioning Service offers excellent repair and maintenance for all types of systems, so that your home will be as comfortable as possible.  Even if your air conditioner breaks down in the middle of the night and you can’t handle the heat, we can send out an emergency repair technician to set things right 24 hours a day. Call or visit our website today to make an appointment. 

Saturday, August 25, 2012

San Antonio Air Conditioning Experts

It is true, at 1st Choice Air Conditioning and Heating Services, we are the San Antonio air conditioning experts! We have been in this business long enough to learn all of the ins and outs of AC repair, maintenance and installation and we want to share our expertise with you, making it easy to get the service you deserve in San Antonio.

Our dedicating to quality AC repair remains strong after so many years in the industry. In fact, we like to thank our clients with money-saving opportunities to show that we appreciate your business. Check out our website’s Coupons page and print out savings. Not only do we offer great savings but our workmanship is top rated in the San Antonio area.

There is an easy choice; 1st Choice Air Conditioning and Heating Services is the best when you want AC repair, maintenance or installation in San Antonio! We do both residential and commercial, rooftop units, forced air and so much more! Call us day or night for fast efficient service in San Antonio. We are ready to help with all of your HVAC needs right away!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Residential AC Repair in San Antonio

When it comes to residential AC repair in San Antonio, 1st Choice is a clear leader. We have been serving the San Antonio community, providing quality AC repair services for many years. We want you to be comfortable in your home year round and that is what we have been doing since 1971.

Call us when you need professional, reliable AC repairs for your home, office or industrial space. We are an HVAC contractor of high caliber able to take on any size project in San Antonio. Whether you have a unit know or need a new one, 1st Choice is here for you. Our residential repair services will keep you satisfied with exceptional services.

Check out the coupon tab on our website, because we always like to offer great deals to reward our customers for your patronage year after year. We always try to give as much as we can for the best service. Call us any time to schedule an appointment or we are available for emergencies 24/7. At 1st Choice Air Conditioning and Heating Services, we look forward to servicing your unit in San Antonio soon!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Whole House Cooling Systems in San Antonio

If you are reading this now, you have already been thinking about what whole house cooling systems are available in the San Antonio area and we are excited to share with you our geothermal cooling systems!

Geothermal cooling systems offer unmatched efficiency and comfort in the hot seasons and when you choose a geothermal system, you will also receive the benefits of a heating system in the cold season. ClimateMaster is a leader in home cooling and heating systems using geothermal technology. 1st Choice Air Conditioning and Heating Services has partnered with this company so that we can be the leader of San Antonio’s alternative energy movement and give the best of both worlds.

 Essentially, geothermal cooling technology pumps hot air out and brings naturally cooled air back into your home using a minimal amount of energy, thus bringing your costs down and the comfort level up. If you are looking for an alternative to air conditioning and heating in San Antonio, please read more about geothermal cooling and heating on our website.

We know that you will be pleased with the incredible efficiency and thorough cooling power of a geothermal system for your home this year! 

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Residential Air Conditioning Installation San Antonio

1st Choice Air Conditioning and Heating Services was born out of providing the San Antonio area with superior service and refrigeration technology and has remained the leader in HVAC services. Our commitment to quality is resolute, offering the best that San Antonio has and always with superior service.

Residential air conditioning installation is another of the many services we provide to San Antonio including residential and commercial AC repairs and maintenance, geothermal system installation and maintenance, heating system installation, maintenance and repairs and much more! We can provide all that you need for your heating, air conditioning and ventilation needs in San Antonio; so do not hesitate to call us for service.

AC installation must be performed correctly for best results. A poorly installed AC unit will lead to costly repairs down the road in Texas. Let the professionals do it right the first time. You will be so glad that you chose the 1st Choice for all of your air conditioning and heating needs in San Antonio. Call us to schedule an appointment for service and check out our coupons for great money-saving deals!

Monday, August 13, 2012

AC Repair San Antonio

AC repair in San Antonio does not have to be a burden. Call us at 1st Choice Air Conditioning and Heating Services for the best service in town! We have been around since 1971 providing the best in quality air conditioning repairs and replacements. Our customers now that they are getting the best every time they call us at 1st Choice.

We appreciate our customers so much that we always offer money savings and coupons even on our website. Military service, educators, new customers, and installations are all special to us and we appreciate what you do for us too! If you want an HVAC company that will treat you right in San Antonio, and then give us a call at 1st Choice Air Conditioning and Heating Services.

The sooner you call, the sooner we can provide the much needed air conditioning repairs you need to stay cool in the summer heat. We look forward to providing the genuine service and attention you deserve from an HVAC service and installation team in San Antonio. We know that you will be a customer for life once you experience our professionalism and service. Call today!

Friday, August 10, 2012

San Antonio HVAC Contractor

When locals talk about who they trust for their heating and air conditioning needs, overwhelmingly one name comes up as the most reliable.  First Choice Air Conditioning and Heating Service has been a leading name for installation, maintenance and repair for ventilation systems for homes and businesses for over 40 years, providing quality workmanship at fair prices to help keep our customers comfortable more efficiently.   

A poorly working central air or heating system not only doesn’t perform its job in terms of keeping your space the right temperature, it also wastes power in its feeble efforts.  Hiring a trusted San Antonio HVAC contractor to maintain, install or repair your system will save you money on your power bills that will often more than make up the repair costs over time, as well as providing much more effective heating and cooling.  

We strive to give every customer the very best service and repair that we can, aiming for complete hundred percent satisfaction, and we want to not just build our business, but also serve our community as best as we can.   You can visit our website for more information, or call us to make your appointment to service your heating or cooling system. 

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

San Antonio AC Repair

We are well into the hottest part of summer, by far the worst time for your air conditioning to break down in this part of the country, and the time when top San Antonio AC repair experts are most in demand.  When the heat is this severe, you don’t want to take a lot of time looking through all of your repair options and hoping the one you choose can squeeze you in before you are sweltering for too long.  

Finding an excellent technician who can promptly fix your broken AC so that you are not stuck in this heat, and who will charge you a fair rate for excellent service and repair can seem like a daunting task, but First Choice Air Conditioning and Heating Services is here to do just that.    

Our friendly, courteous technicians will get your air conditioning system working up to it’s full potential so that you can have efficient relief from the Texas heat, as we have been doing for the community since 1971. You can call or visit our website for more information and to schedule your appointment to cool your home back off.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Residential Geothermal Systems San Antonio

Residential geothermal systems are a great way to use the earth’s natural heating and cooling cycle to heat and cool your home efficiently in San Antonio. If you are unfamiliar with the way that geothermal technology works, consider the following.

During the warmer months, a heat pump brings hot air out of your home and processes it through a series of pipes that are buried anywhere from 3 to 6 feet or even 150 feet to 400 feet depending on the geography of your area, available space, composition of soil, etc. Water circulates through these piping loops or even to a nearby water source and returns as cool dehumidified air back into your home for ultimate comfort.

During the winter months, geothermal heating uses the earth’s natural heat energy to warm your home to a comfortable level using the same basic pumping and looping mechanism as in the summer. If you can’t believe how it could be that amazing and efficient, please call us at 1st Choice Air Conditioning and Heating Services in San Antonio for more information in geothermal systems

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Air Conditioning System Maintenance San Antonio

Keep your air conditioner running great in San Antonio with 1st Choice Air Conditioning and Heating Services maintenance services. There is no good way to get through the summer without air conditioning. So avoid a broken AC unit by having the leader in HVAC services in San Antonio provide air conditioning system maintenance services on your unit.

We want to help you keep cool in the warmer months this year and a great way to stay out of the heat is to be in your air conditioned home or office. With our AC maintenance services, you will not have to worry about your machine breaking down. We will check it over, recharge the Freon, clean your unit, and replace any parts to keep it in good condition. Don’t be without air conditioning this summer!

Call us at 1st Choice Air Conditioning and Heating Services to schedule a visit from one of our service technicians. You will be glad you called for air conditioning maintenance services in San Antonio. We look forward to making your unit provide cool refreshing air all summer long.