Sunday, September 30, 2012

Forced Air Systems San Antonio

1st Choice Air Conditioning and Heating Services offers forced air systems in San Antonio as a great way to save on energy and efficiently cool or heat your home. If your current system is just not delivering the right balance of comfortable temperature control and cost efficiency, then consider a forced air system this year.

With quality installation and a good duct design, forced air offer the best of both worlds. Whether heating or cooling. Forced air systems deliver unmatched temperature control options thorough the entire home or office. Ensuring that a quality-driven HVAC company will provide the designs and installation is key to having the system meet all of you expectations. At 1st Choice Air Conditioning and Heating Systems, we are driven by our customers’ needs and home requirements, working with you to design the right system for your unique space.

Heating, air condition, air filtering, and circulation can all be achieved successfully by using a forced air duct system in San Antonio. Call the experts at 1st Choice to learn more and find out if your home is a good candidate for these efficient systems.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Air Conditioning Maintenance San Antonio

Air conditioning maintenance in San Antonio is often forgotten leading to more costly repairs down the road. Call us at 1st Choice Air Conditioning and Heating Services for our air conditioning maintenance service and save yourself or your company the expense of more severe repairs later.

One of our expert air conditioning technicians will go through a thorough check of your unit, whether it is indoors or outdoors, to determine what parts need replacing, clean filters, check refrigerant, clean drains and tubing, ensure coils are operational and clean, check fans and motors, lubricate where needed, check controls and wiring for corrosion, and any other aspects our technicians feels is necessary to ensure proper and optimal operation of your air conditioning unit in San Antonio.

If your AC unit is located indoors, we will follow a similar procedure checking the motor, evaporator cooler, blower, controls, wiring, filters, tubing, coil, and all components for cleanliness and correct operation. Make your unit last longer with regular AC maintenance services from 1st Choice Air Conditioning and Heating Services in San Antonio. You will be glad you called us!

Monday, September 24, 2012

HVAC Contractor San Antonio

When you are looking to have major heating, cooling or ventilation systems installed, you want to find the most qualified HVAC contractor in San Antonio so that you know you are getting the most efficient system for your needs and will be installed impeccably.  

The right ventilation system makes a huge difference in the costs of heating and cooling your property, and gives you better control of the temperature, as well as keeping a healthy flow of fresh filtered air moving through your building.  Circulation is vital to indoor air quality, and a well installed, properly maintained HVAC system is one of the most effective ways to promote healthy air circulation in larger buildings.   

First Choice is a leader in efficient home and commercial heating, cooling and ventilation systems, providing reliable installation, repair and maintenance for over 40 years so far, and building a strong reputation for quality workmanship, trustworthiness and dependability as well as fair prices.  Our technicians are highly trained and have passed rigorous background screening, and they share our company's dedication to outstanding customer service.  Call today, or click here for more information.   

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Residential AC Repair San Antonio

Since it is the end of the hot season, you probably are not thinking about repairing your air conditioning system, but it is actually a very good time to call us for residential AC repair in San Antonio.  By handling any repair or maintenance now, your system will be in top shape when it warms up next spring so you won't have any worries when it is time to turn the air conditioning back on.

First Choice Air Conditioning and Heating Services is prepared to maintain and repair any type of AC system, whether you have a standard central air system, forced air, rooftop system, or any other style.   A well maintained air conditioner is more efficient and saves you money while more effectively cooling your home, and our technicians are exceptionally qualified to make that sure yours is running at it's absolute best.   They also have all passed scrupulous background checks and screening to ensure your security.  We have been serving the Bexar County area since 1971, providing top quality heating and cooling services to our neighbors in the community.   

You can contact us to make an appointment by phone, or  visit our website and use our convenient online contact form. 

Sunday, September 16, 2012

AC Duct Installation San Antonio

Call the experts at 1st Choice Air Conditioning and Heating Services for AC duct installation in San Antonio. We have expert technicians, who are licensed to make the duct installations your building or home needs in San Antonio. We have been in the business since 1971 and our priorities have stayed the same, great customer service and great workmanship on every job.

When you do not want to think about it and simply have the best company on the job, call us at 1st Choice for quick service in San Antonio. Our dedication to quality infiltrates all of the work we do here and we look forward to providing you, your business, and your home with quality duct work. Only let the qualified professionals approach a job of this caliber. For best results, hire an experienced duct installation company and save yourself lots of money providing well-designed ducts throughout the space.

Using insulation, sealers, and attention to the air flow, the crew at 1st Choice Air Conditioning and Heating Services will ensure that maximum efficiency is reached utilizing the natural power of the ducts to redirect heat and cool air where and when it is needed. 

Thursday, September 13, 2012

AC Repair San Antonio

AC repair in San Antonio is best found at 1st Choice Air Conditioning and Heating Services. We offer the highest level of quality repairs and service and you will know that you made the right choice after you experience our level of service in San Antonio. We are the leader in residential and commercial AC repair so no matter what problem your unit is giving you, we have the skills and training to fix it!

Our thorough inspection techniques ensure that we do not miss a thing. Maintaining a working air conditioning unit involves attention to detail and always sticking to the basics. Our years of training and experience ensure that your unit gets the attention it needs and the repairs are lasting. We look forward to providing the high quality AC repair your company or home needs soon in San Antonio from 1st Choice Air Conditioning and Heating Services. Call us today!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

AC Whole House Duct Installation San Antonio

1st Choice Air Conditioning and Heating Services can provide the AC whole house duct installation in San Antonio that you need and with exceptional service and quality workmanship. Our company was built on quality and we still continue that great tradition today offering all things HVAC to our clients in the San Antonio area.

Sometimes the ducts in one’s home need repair or replacement and that could be a major cause of poor air conditioning results.  Let the experts find and repair or replace the ducts in your home so that you get the best air conditioning cooling power you deserve. No matter the size of the home or the placement of the ducts, we can do the job right at 1st Choice!

Call us today so we can get started on your whole house duct project soon. We know that you will appreciate the results from 1st Choice Air Conditioning and Heating Services

Friday, September 7, 2012

San Antonio Residential AC Repair

With so many different companies offering air conditioning service, it can be hard to figure out which one is actually the best.  One way to pick a San Antonio residential AC repair team that you can rely on is to find one that has a longstanding reputation of keeping their customers satisfied.   We have been installing and fixing your neighbors’ AC and heating systems since 1971, providing fast, friendly, and professional service to each and every one.  

You can see customer testimonials on our website that speak to how pleased our clients are with our work.  We are deeply committed to providing excellent repair and maintenance to home air conditioning systems at a fair price, helping people keep their homes comfortable affordably and efficiently. A poorly functioning air conditioning or heating system can waste a lot of energy, increasing both your power bills and your environmental impact, while failing to provide any real relief from the temperature.  

First Choice Heating and Air Conditioning Service can come over and get your system working to its full potential so you won’t be sweltering in the summer heat.  Call to make an appointment, or visit our website to find out more about our company. 

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Home AC Repair San Antonio

Looking for a trustworthy home AC repair company may feel overwhelming in San Antonio. Let us help with our professional and honest HVAC services from 1st Choice Air Conditioning and Heating Services. We greatly appreciate our clients and always offer great deals to get your HVAC services done for less.

Check our Coupons page to see if we can help you save money this year. Our repair services are some of the finest that you will find in the entire San Antonio area. Our technicians are trained to work on all types of air conditioners so do not worry once you give us a call at 1st Choice Air Conditioning and Heating Services. We have the skills and tools to properly repair your AC unit so you can cool down again soon in the heat of summer.

Once your AC unit has been repaired we also offer maintenance services to ensure it stays working great all summer long. Call us as soon as you need air conditioning repair services and we will be sure to get to you as soon as possible. 

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Geothermal Heating and Cooling Systems San Antonio

One of the most interesting and efficient recent movements in home climate control is the use of geothermal technology.  By using the constant temperature of the ground just below the surface to regulate temperature in a transfer medium, you can keep your home cool in summer and warm in winter using the power of the earth.   

We offer installation and maintenance of geothermal heating and cooling systems in San Antonio, which are incredibly efficient and in some cases can reduce your energy use by 80 percent. People have been using the fact that the earth is consistently right around 50 degrees F beneath the surface since the Paleolithic Era, dating back to ancient people bathing in hot springs and the Romans using said springs for underfloor heating. 

With ClimateMaster heat pumps from First Choice Heating and Air Conditioning Service, it is easy and effective to bring this energy saving benefit to more and more homes.   As one of the most ecologically sound heating and cooling options, not only will a geothermal system save you money, it will greatly reduce your carbon footprint.  Contact us to find out how this technology can work for you, or visit our website to learn more.