Thursday, September 20, 2012

Residential AC Repair San Antonio

Since it is the end of the hot season, you probably are not thinking about repairing your air conditioning system, but it is actually a very good time to call us for residential AC repair in San Antonio.  By handling any repair or maintenance now, your system will be in top shape when it warms up next spring so you won't have any worries when it is time to turn the air conditioning back on.

First Choice Air Conditioning and Heating Services is prepared to maintain and repair any type of AC system, whether you have a standard central air system, forced air, rooftop system, or any other style.   A well maintained air conditioner is more efficient and saves you money while more effectively cooling your home, and our technicians are exceptionally qualified to make that sure yours is running at it's absolute best.   They also have all passed scrupulous background checks and screening to ensure your security.  We have been serving the Bexar County area since 1971, providing top quality heating and cooling services to our neighbors in the community.   

You can contact us to make an appointment by phone, or  visit our website and use our convenient online contact form.