Wednesday, October 3, 2012

San Antonio Air Conditioning Repair Service

Have the experts at 1st Choice provide your home or office with the AC duct repair needed this year. We are a company built on high quality standards and we always appreciate our customers greatly.

Our work is thorough and we get problems fixed efficiently. Leaky air conditioning ducts are a big energy waster and with thorough repairs, you will see a difference on your energy bill this season. With a thorough inspection, our technicians will investigate and locate the leaky areas. Mostly these appear at joints and cross sections not on the main part of the tubing. Although only with a thorough inspection, will we be able to identify the problem areas.

After locating the leaks and cracks, we will clean the area to be repaired. Then using products such as sealant and mastic tape, we will seal the leaks. This process will take a few hours but the results will be worth it. Then we will turn on the AC unit to ensure that our work was thorough and there are no other leaks to be found. Call us today at 1st Choice Air Conditioning and Heating Services in San Antonio.