Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Programmable Thermostat Installation San Antonio

Programmable Thermostat Installation San Antonio

Many older homes and businesses have outdated thermostats to control their heating and cooling systems.  They served their purpose back in the day, but with rising energy costs it’s increasingly more important to be able to accurately control energy use.  1st Choice Air Conditioning and Heating provides programmable thermostat installation in San Antonio

There are numerous benefits to having a new digital thermostat installed in your home or business.  They are easy to program, you can set temperatures for when you are home and when you are on vacation and most importantly, it will reduce y our energy costs. It’s not unheard of to save at least 33% on your heating and cooling bills.

Our experienced staff is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week for emergency service.  You will never be without someone who can help! Our technicians are pre-screened and tested for you safety.  They also take pride in their work and enroll in continuing education to keep up on all the latest technology.  We have the expertise to help you with all of your air conditioning and heating system repairs and much, much more.

We go above and beyond just repair; we pride ourselves with quality service at exceptional prices.  When you need to install a programmable thermostat in San Antonio, give us a call.  We are the number one choice in San Antonio!  210-225-3033.